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Annual Return and Audits

The Parish Council is required to summarise its financial position and confirm that it has complied with the governance requirements that define good management practice.

Electors have the right to inspect the Parish Council’s accounts during a set period of time each year, details can be found in the notices below under ‘Notice of exercise of public rights’.

Where we publish unaudited accounts for the financial year ending 31st March, these accounts can be viewed below under ‘Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statements’.

The latest accounts may not have been reviewed by the auditor and therefore may be subject to change until they are audited and complete.

Note – The audit documents are scanned as electronic signatures are not permitted. Scanned PDF documents do not comply with the Accessibility Regulations 2018. These documents can be provided in an alternative format on request.

Budgets and Transparency

The Parish Council prepare their budget annually in order to determine the amount of precept to request via South Staffordshire Council.

The precept is the amount of council tax the District seek from residents in order for the Parish Council to provide a service to them.

The Local Authorities (Data Transparency) Code 2015 makes it mandatory to publish details of all expenditure that exceeds £500.

For more information about the budget process or the transparency information published, please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01902 896300 or via email